Trans Hutte Ros

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The characters are profoundly uninteresting; the protagonist and his wish fulfillment magical creature being the most obvious offenders. I would not be able to name one character trait the protagonist is supposed to have to save my life. We are supposed to believe that his harem, the village women and the magical girl, see him as this wonderful man, but it is absolutely impossible to see any endearing traits about him even when in his harem’s POV.

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The high reviews on Amazon led me to purchase The Sorcery Code. Other editorial commentators promised a novel with strong world-building characteristics, a dynamic plot, and a story that defies clichés. Imagine then to my intense surprise to find a novel that embodied none of those things.
In short, this book is riddled with banality. Once cannot help but think that its author read the Twilight series one too many times and then decided to forge her own market-driven piece of drivel.
Our heroine, Gala, is absolutely the most beautiful thing in the world. From her creation she’s charged with an intense (although not explicitly referenced) libido. Oh, and did I mention that she’s just so heart-breakingly innocent–she heals lions, it’s cute. Will she hook up with Blaise (who is also incredibly handsome)? Will she discover how to use her god-like, hidden powers and use them to help the lives of poor poor peasant families? Who could care?
Save your money, buy something else.

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    Like a Real

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